Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender

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Have you ever found your seat belt is too short making you feel uncomfortable & embarrassed?

This car seat belt extender was designed for those of us who need a little extra length to buckle our seat belts. It’s ideal for those people with medical conditions, plus-sized people, pregnant women, and anyone that wants a longer seat belt. It’s designed for your comfort and should click right into your car’s seat belt. It is the strongest, safest and most comfortable seat belt extension on the market.

These car seat belt extensions are safety tested and require no installation. Whether you’re driving to the grocery store or taking a long car trip across the country, bucking up can save your life while driving or riding in cars. Get the extra length you need so you can safely wear your belt with this amazing Seat Belt Extender.



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1. Extends car’s original seat belt buckle
2. Safe for Children.
3. Great for bigger people it helps seat belt to go around comfortably.
4. Safe for pregnant women offer comfort and safety to the baby bump.
5. Fits for 20-22mm wide buckle tongue Seat Belts, For VW, For BMW, For Audi, For Mercedes-Benz, For Volvo and For Ford models.
6. The safety belt buckle will lock your seat belt and stop safety belt alarm at the same time. Increases the size and improves the comfort of your existing seat belt.
7. Two-point design is simple and safe


1. Please measure your car seat belt size before buying, and read detail about our product.
2. Make sure your seat belt metal tongue’s dimensions (where you need the extender) match all our measurements. Thank you!
3. Please allow 1~3mm difference due to manual measurement.

None supported car models

Not For Subaru forest people, Sylphy. Toyota old Reiz, the old models RAV4 (2013 or 2013 before), Toyota Yat, Lexus 270, the old crown (available 2015), Camry, 07 to 2013 Corolla, Buick Gl8 Lu Zun, Honda Sidi , Kia Chase, Kia proud, Kia new music, show Seoul, Jeep compass, Wrangler, freelance customers, and so on, Kia, Kia KX3, Xiali A +, Xiali N3, Xiali N5, Opel Andreas, Geely pride, Kia, Kia, Kia, K5, Alto, the Big Dipper, Liana, Jimmy, Mazda 3 Xing Cheng, Lincoln MKT, Pentium X80, Dongfeng well-off K17, Maple, Southeast Fulica, Beijing Shenbao D50 and S50, 14 models of the old section of the United States and Japan, the old section of Geely Vision, King Kong (2015 models can) Volvo S60 series, Mitsubishi Outlander, Pajero V73, 08 styles of music, Ssangyong SUV, Fengshen A30, Fengshen A60 and AX70, AX7, 06 CRV, 08 models LaCrosse, 05 Excelle, Changan Hafei minivan, (BYD, S6, G3, G5, G6), paragraph 08 BYDF3

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Overall length: 120mm
Buckle tongue length: 45mm
Buckle tongue width: 21mm
Buckle tongue thickness: 3.1mm
Lock slot width: 22mm / 0.86″
Inside square hole width: 11mm



Package Includes

x1 Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender

5 reviews for Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender

    Eric (Verified Buyer)
    Good product perfect fit for Toyota Corolla 2008
    Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender photo review
    Fiona (Verified Buyer)
    Super. Very convenient for a small passenger.
    Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender photo review
    Mana (Verified Buyer)
    All OK, only buckle no fit for rear seats For my Honda Civic.
    Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender photo review
    Gary (Verified Buyer)
    Very good quality, I am surprised.
    Universal Car Safety Seat Belt Extender photo review
    Neil (Verified Buyer)
    Very good quality and very nice product I liked very much!
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