Ingrown Toenail Scissors (Set Of 4)


Do you suffer from thick or painful ingrown nails?

Try using our ingrown toenail clipper recommended by professional podiatrists! Our ingrown toenail clippers employ precision cutting edges and a concave tip to make smooth, naturally contoured cuts with absolutely no splitting or cracking. Our nail cutters are suitable for all sterilization techniques and include a High-grade tin packaging to ensure the cutting edges stay sharp and hygienic.


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Ingrown Toenail Scissors Features

Top Quality – Made from high quality and heavy-duty stainless steel to build a sturdy architecture. This high-quality toenail scissor is so powerful that it is not only a favorite in most homes but also a common tool in most podiatry offices and salons.

Smooth & Precise Cut –  Hand-sharpened and angled to a point the head cutting edge trims thick toenails or fingernails neatly and evenly without crushing the nail. The ergonomic architecture with a thick rubber handle fits perfectly in your hand for a precise clip and easy control when at work.

For Problem Toenails – Our toenail cutter is an ideal tool for thick and brittle toenails caused by paronychia, nail fungus, damage or aging. Its super-sharp blade and the wide jaw open up to 0.4 inches allowing you trim the hardest and thickest nails easily, even monster toenails found on diabetic feet didn’t stand a chance!

The Reason You Should Choose Our Ingrown Toenail Scissor


  • Often, as a person ages, the nails on their toes start to thicken. Though the condition is most common on the toenails, it is possible for the fingernails to thicken also.
  • Thick toenails, if left untreated, can worsen and cause pain.
  • Traditional nail clippers are often incapable of trimming thick nails due to limited opening of the cutting edge, however, our toenail scissors open up to 0.4 inches, it can easily trim no matter how thick the nails are.


  • Traditional nail scissors are what we typically associate with trimming nails, but these are usually not strong enough to cut through thick toenails. Use nail nippers instead.
  • Our nail nippers have a handle that is longer and easier to grip than regular nail scissors, which delivers more strength to trim the thick nails, and they are designed to cut toenails straight across.


  • Made of high-quality steel, our toenail scissors feature heavy-duty blade tips, curved to contour your nails while trimming them. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean.
  • A barrel spring lends maximum efficiency to the blade tips, allowing you to cut through the thickest of nails with only slight pressure applied to the handles.
  • The scissors are a first-class grooming tool, if properly cared for, these fine toenail cutters can offer you decades of excellent service.

Tips For Effortless Cuts

  1. Soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water then dry thoroughly before you attempt to cut your thick toenails.
  2. Trim your toenails using toenail scissors, cut along the nail’s natural contour and don’t round into corners.
  3. Use small cuts and go straight across the nail, small cuts help avoid splintering, which can be a problem with thick nails.
  4. Take care not to cut yourself, especially if you have poor circulation, be sure to pay close attention while you’re trimming your toenails.
  5. Gently file the edges of your toenails with an emery board or nail file to smooth any sharp edges which might get caught on your socks.

Can Ingrown Toenails Be Prevented?

You can prevent thick toenails or the recurrence of toenail fungus in several ways:

  • Keep your feet clean by washing them with soap and water regularly. Dry them off with a towel afterward.
  • Keep your feet as dry as possible: Change your socks a few times a day, wear cotton socks that remove moisture from your feet, rotate your shoes so they can dry out, and purchase shoes that breath and don’t constrict your feet.
  • Try a foot powder that keeps your feet dry.
  • Wear flip-flops or other shower shoes when you are in locker rooms or at the pool.
  • Groom your feet properly. Your toenails shouldn’t grow beyond the end of your toe.
  • Make sure to use disinfected tools when trimming your nails.
  • Purchase new footwear if you’ve recently cured your nail fungus.

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Plastic, Stainless Steel


Black, Silver

Package Includes

1x Nail clipper
1x Nail lifer
1x Nail file
1x Peeling clamp


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